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DIY Painted Tablecloth | Brooks Of Bohemia Tablecloth | Anthropologie

This painted tablecloth DIY adds a modern touch to any dinner party. #Funkytime

I think this is what I want to do to spice our boring Ikea coffee table. Just need to decide what color to use!

Trift, by Judith Seng, explores the ideal of perfect, high-gloss surfaces by creating and destroying them within the same object. Each form and surface derives from the individual size, characteristics and gradual transformations over time of the underlying tree-log.

The LTX Collection is a collection of 3 sized bags by French brand TeddyFish, made of raw canvas in gradient latex coating.

Antler wreath, white and gray- would be perfect for above my hand carved headboard!!

Dip dyeing - you can dip dye a white shirt with blue dye...the pretty part that makes the ombre is called wicking, where the colour "creeps up" the garment part you are dyeing...also think about dip dyeing a pale plaid with one of the colours in the plaid...also a very cool effect