rapunzel cupcake cones...how darling are these?


Tangled cupcakes

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes = This has no link and I am not sure whether this would actually work having made these many times...I would need to try it.

Cupcakes :)

Tangled birthday cake!

I ADORE Nemo, and I adore THIS cake!

Hot Off the Grill-- another way to get a grill look is by using chocolate to make a circle with lines across it, then waiting for it to dry before placing it on the cupcake.

Butterfly Cupcakes!!! They are so sweet and adorable!!! : ))

Hydrangea cupcakes

take flat toothpicks, push them into some Mike & Ike candies and you have some adorable mini popsicles!

popcorn cupcakes

Funny Monster Cupcakes


Create professional looking cupcakes with this cupcake decorating tip set. #cupcake

Mater Cupcakes for a Disney "Cars" themed birthday

mickey mouse cupcake

Monsters Inc. Cupcakes » With Sprinkles on Top

Dr. Seuss Cupcakes

Cookie Monster Cupcake

Omg absolutely adore! This cactus cupcake!! Someone have a Mexican themed party!