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Charm woven bracelets. Would love to try this one. Just wish it would have written instructions as well and would lead back to a regular webpage instead of more of the picture.

One of the MOST challenging friendship bracelets I've tried to make. But I love the Button detail at the end, pretty clever.

DIY Friendship Bracelets this is one of the best friendship patterns for newbies!! i have done it myself and love it!! If you have any questions ask me on my wall

Pretty Hair Clip. I'm growing it out right now, and as it gets longer, I'm going to have to learn how to do something with it.

Easy Bracelet Tutorial (remember to find pearls with holes large enough for the cord, otherwise you have to ream them)

How to make a fun summer bracelet!

DIY Apron .. I could totally do these as Christmas gifts! They are so cute and easy!

Rub eucalyptus oil (or Vicks Vapor Rub, which has eucalyptus oil in it) on bottom of feet to stop coughing and sleep through the night. It absorbs better than on the chest..wish I knew this in college. diy

DIY braclet! love.-- there is no tutorial for this, and it's a little difficult to make but worth it. Mine turned out really cute. I added a clasp to it