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ryan lochte - God bless Olympic swimmers

Ryan Lochte (yum) reveals his biggest dating turn-off...

ryan lochte. ryan lochte. ryan lochte.

Ryan Lochte :)))))

Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte

exactly, Who needs Magic Mike when you've got Phelps & Lochte?

Tom Hardy <3

Alex Pettyfer

kellan lutz...I like you.

conor dwyer, micheal phelps, ricky berens, ryan lochte. yes, please.

nathan adrian, brendan hansen, cullen jones, and ryan lochte.

Just saw the movie...finally!

david beckam.

michael phelps and ryan lochte... God bless america.

David Beckham....seriously....

channing tatum <3

Channing Tatum..... Yummmm

Ryan Lochte you are so pretty!

cullen jones, nathan adrian, ryan lochte, & brendan hansen... this is why I love the Olympics!

Australian Olympic Swim Team