Lips reflected in mirror by Alva Bernadine. (original in colour) see more at

Wilkosz & Way



Francesco Balsamo

Redwoods, California

iceshores: Alberto Polo Iañez

Reflect | mirror image | reflection of ourselves | black & white photography |

Francesca Woodman | mirror mirror on the wall | reflection | fine art photography | black & white |

come away to the water

This is an interesting piece as she is covering her true features with her hands which have the face part drawn on. She is concealing her true features.

I take surreal self portrait photos/manipulations. I posted some a few months ago, here's an update - Imgur

Dreaming of an ice cream sky.

Hauntingly Surreal Photography - Christopher McKenney Captures Seemingly Supernatural Occurrences (GALLERY)

Creationism by Lissy Elle Laricchia