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    • Jeanne P

      Save a pit bull! 100 years ago this breed (American Staffordshire) was THE most desired family pet because of their loyalty and gentleness. Don't let bad dog owners cause you to think the breed is bad. It's humans training bad behavior into dogs that causes problems.

    • Brooklyn Alexandra

      Change the World One Animal at a Time... "Animal Family" "Get Rescued by a Rescue Pet" "Rescue Pet Project"

    • Dee Kevan

      So so true - Adopt a shelter dog and give it a loving home.

    • Desiree Urban

      Dogs, cats, all animals that you save..are your family

    • Gina Cowden

      Pit Bull puppy rescued by ICARE Dog Rescue <3 make a difference - rescue your pets <3 side note: PITBULLS ARE NOT VICIOUS! Give them a chance....you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    • Manuella Pèdre

      For all animals. Don't pity the dog shelter. Adopt a dog. Dogs are family. Be a good human being

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    Why breed, when do many animals need loving homes??? Stop buying puppies!!!! We kill dogs every day simply because we can't find Homes for all of them!!

    "I gave a dog my heart. It's never been broken."

    Rescued animals – before and after. The simple kindness every human being should have.