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    • Ioanna Kiritsi

      indoor slide at maison martin margiela

    • Lorcan Alcocks

      indoor slides are pretty common now, but I love that this one almost sends you out the window. Fun idea for leading from a childs bedroom, to downstairs playroom, to outdoor play.

    • Kim van Smeerdijk

      I don't feel like taking the stairs down to the living room. I chose the slide!

    • Maria Anderson

      Best idea EVER!!! Slide into the living room

    • Karessa Cannon

      indoor slide for geoff's future house

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    Get out. IS this true?!!!

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    I need this to be real. Thank you very much!!!!!

    The Toronto public library piloted it's Human Library project. You can check out people from diverse backgrounds for a one on one conversation. The goal is to break down prejudice.....I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE this idea so much I may just have to go there. Like now. I mean checking out people is weird, but the idea that you can get to know others and find out there background is phenomenal. WE all need to learn more about each other everyday.....

    rainbow church: 500 crystal prisms by japanese designer tokujin yoshioka

    national geographic built a house based on the movie "up" and it worked! I've NEVER been so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!