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Zac Mallett - РОБОТЫ - Comrades of Steel. Artificial Intelligence is often seen in Science Fiction dealing with off world exploration as a supplement to human characteristics.

R.O.B.O.T. Just when you think he's gonna play music on his giant tape deck - KABLAM!!! He shoots you in the face with lazer bazookas

This robot represents the field in which I will be studying and later getting a job in - mechanical engineering with a sub-focus on mechatronics. - individual

Schauer robot Schauer (15”) Wide-eyed and up for a challenge nothing gets past Schauer. Gloriously displaying his radar headgear (lawn sprinkler) and dual window cranks (arms) this bot is master of all he surveys. A vintage motor analyzer case, auto valve bodies, electric drill parts, springs and a big gold nose keep him on top of his game.

The saddest little wooden robot on the planet. I love him.

I just thought I'd share one of my favorite little robots from flicker.

This would be great reminder that when I have happy news and something to celebrate people honestly dont care…under the mask is this expression...

Found Object Robot Assemblage Sculpture By Brian Marshall by adopt-a-bot, via Flickr

Electric love! When you insert a special custom key card into this robot valentine, its eyes blink wildly and light up with different bright colors.