• Andrea Collins

    DIY IDEA: Shipping Pallet Shelves - this would be perfect at the lake house!

  • Megan Fiting

    DIY IDEA: Shipping Pallet Shelves. I love the look of the old wood pallets!

  • Sarah Tucker

    DIY wood pallet wall shelves. Would be cool to put outside the house w gardening tools in...

  • Julia Toepfer

    Wooden Pallet shelves | 25 Awesome DIY Ideas For Bookshelves

  • Micah Rogier

    amazing pallet shelves. Too cool. I'll have to keep my eyes open for old pallets. I have a couple vintage wooden Coca Cola bottle containers I'm going to store stuff in.--Saw the idea in a Pottery Barn Teens catalog. I'm definitely going to try this with pallet boxes that are more weathered than mine. Those are too pretty to cut up.

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