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Animaniacs logic. I miss the Animaniacs.

It's sad that I actually checked the math before I pinned this...

Love letters are one of the strongest expressions of love known to man. They remain one of the most poignant ways of delivering a message of love and

Iron Man and Silver Surfer alloy meme (via Reddit and elsewhere)

If I could get this in a poster for my room... I'll be teaching high schoolers nerdy pick up lines!

FINALLY been looking for this picture FOREVER litERALLY

I can't decide if this is nerd funny or generally funny but I do know it's stinking hilarious so I'm just going to classify this as general humor.

I used to have a t-shirt with the equation across the front, then the heart plotted on the back. Love it.

Nerdy love. Except I would do this. Stare at the board. stare at boy. Stare at board, "Why do you want me to solve this, I hate math, worst date ever."

John Green, you're kind of fantastic. I know I've already posted this quote on here, but now it comes with a lovely border!

- I am a Disney Nerd and extremely proud of it!