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my brother used to say, "I wish the lawn was Emo like you so it would cut itself". what a dick.

Emo little mermaid

I don't even need to ask if this is ok with you Dusty 😂👍😜 good thing I think your tats are so sexy! Then again I never would have married you if I didn't like them.

Epic sunglasses I want those sunglasses.........AND DAT ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emo boy wearing an Asking Alexandria t-shirt with sunglasses and piercings.

INFP Funny... Before I knew about Myers Briggs... I was always a big fan of…

some days i feel totally emo but i feel i'm too old - now i can say i feel totally eeyore ;

What Kind Of Alternative Kid Are You? | PlayBuzz

What Kind Of Alternative Kid Are You?

I just noticed that Ls the emo and light and i think misa are holding the death note hahahaha