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Stan Lee: Making more money from nerds than a bully at lunchtime. HA Katrina Alvarez Alvarez Piche' you should show your brother this lol

There's only one precious and that must be you ~ Lord of the Rings valentine

LOTR 30 Day Challenge~ Day 4: Who is your least and most favorite female character and why? I don't have a least favorite but I suppose Eowyn would be my most favorite because she is willing to die for those she loves. She is beauty and strength.

This is a sign of a selfish person...just saying. You have to put in work for a relationship to work. Just because someone doesn't serve you doesn't mean you should cut them out. Unless your selfish of course!!

Oh, my gosh! I love Billy Boyd! Add him to my list of hollywood and fangirl crushes! Welcome, Billy. You may not have any need, but we have comfy chairs. Only a whovian would get that!

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor... or can they? Madeleine Elizabeth Saige Elise

Laughed harder at this than I should have.

(Legolas sailed WITH Gimli--the first dwarf to ever set foot on the Undying Lands)

Bahahaha:D I would have no idea what this meant except I went on a first date with a guy to see the hobbit:D