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Bicycle-type brakes for wheelchair

Synergise is a thoughtful wheelchair add-on, retro-fittable on almost any existing model, that aims to help users navigate more effectively and efficiently. Akin to having bicycle

"Wijits are the fast, fun, easy-to-use lever-drive & braking system that replaces the wheels on your wheelchair and let you stop safer, turn sharper, climb higher, and go further than in a standard push-rim wheelchair; without sore shoulders, torn gloves or dirty hands"

Wijit Lever Wheelchair allows you to stop safer, turn sharper and climb higher by using a lever shifter.

A quick look at wheelchair racing

Wheelchair racing is not simply running on wheels. Runners get slower as distances increase

As featured in Design Milk, Andrew Slorance's 'Carbon Black' wheelchair is a "bespoke, monocoque based design that makes the life of a user easier. It doesn’t have a separate frame – rather, the seat is a key part of the wheelchair, making it stronger and stiffer with less components. The result is a sleek, sexy wheelchair that’s both functional and good looking." Form and Function - bravo!

Carbon Black Wheelchair-8

A Wheelchair That Might Disrupt the Industry Six years later, he created the Carbon Black, a clean and stylish wheelchair that’s also minimalist and lightweight. Made out of carbon fiber, the chair was made with the motto “more person, less chair.

Urban Wheelchair by Ben Thorpe can also be used to prop up the user as if he/she were standing.

Double-Action Wheelchairs - The Urban Wheelchair by Ben Thorpe is for City-Dwellers (GALLERY)

Watch the Wijit in action!  http://vimeo.com/25939606

Check out our new Wijit on this cool Eclipse Colours Wheelchair!

15 Futuristic Wheelchair Designs

15 Futuristic Wheelchair Designs

futuristic wheelchair designs - The future of the wheelchair is looking very promising after seeing all of these futuristic wheelchair designs. Wheelchair design has come a long w.