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Sun Tattoos

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As a freelance photographer, you have numerous options to sell your photos online.

buddhabe: Mano de Buda. Would make a great tattoo!

Leutasch Gorge - Bavaria - Germany


Universe -by Usha Rai

Full Moon Tattoo by SymbolicImports. I would add a black paw print in the center of it.

Redwoods in Crescent Moon by Thorin Brentmar. Tattoo idea.

i would never do this, but i love it too much not to share it

Moon Tattoo- if i ever got the courage to get a tattoo it would be this

Moon tattoo | Dr Woo

It's temporary, but the shading and coloring are basically how I'll want mine to look.

chest tree of life tattoo design - Design of Tattoos

Cool Rib Tree Tattoos for Men

Elephant tattoo

tiny elephant tattoo

The perfect piece of art to add a little whimsy to any space! Learn how to make this Geometric Stitched Animal Art at

alexis diaz by Claudelondon on Flickr.. #alexis_diaz

jesseharding: jesseharding: New tattoo. Illustration done by...

I like the design of this one

beautiful ganesha design, i see a lotus bud i see an emerging person i see so much in this. lovee. good possibility this was the next tattoo design i was looking for.

Too bad I dont know how many more surgeries I'll have on my right foot....perhaps it should go on my left?

Very cute - Tribal Elephant: Devotion, commitment; known for their memory, but they have another very important characteristic: socializing. Thus a newborn is greeted and grown with commitment and dedication by every member of the herd. The spiral is a symbol of eternity and the unfolding fern frond is a symbol borrowed from Maori culture to symbolize a new life.

Small Watercolor Elephant Tattoo. The Elephant symbolically represents reliability, dignity, pride, power, & royalty. Also represents happiness, longevity, & good luck in the Asian meaning. Watercolor BC it's beautifully out of line & slightly risky. Placement: Unknown.

Awesome detail! Elephant tattoo