A beluga whale makes and plays with bubble rings.

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Omg this baby!!!

Baby killer whale. so cute. #sea #creature #panama #jack #whale

After a forest fire -these two snuggled up together in an office. Bobcat and fawn.

...(said in bubbles) i bluhhsaiidd bluhbluhbluh, there's some tasty looking morselssbluhblubhlbuh over therrreebluhblubhbluh

Bubble coral

A beluga with a halo bubble: A Beluga whale has become a sensation at an aquarium after learning how to blow halo-shaped bubbles. The extraordinary sight was captured on camera by photographer Hiroya Minakuchi at the Shimane aquarium in Japan. He said: “This beluga started making bubble rings when she was seven. And a couple of years ago she developed her technique. Now she blows the water from her mouth to make a current, which is not visible for us underwater. She then blows air from her b...


Whale encounter in Mauritius

"kevin!" by haleyluna, via Flickr. Greatness.

that's one cool beluga whale

Can you play this with me?

*love* Belugas!

Beluga Whale


You can make it little one!

Beluga whale

Baby Turtle

Transparent Sea Cucumber (Enypniastes eximia)