Mini funnel cakes

Mini Funnel Cake Tutorial!

DIY Mini Funnel Cakes

Mini Donuts-Bakers-Royale

It's time for the County Fair, but you can bring the fun of Funnel Cakes home with this EASY recipe by The Cooking Bride

Homemade Swiss Cake Roll

Mini cinnamon rolls

#DIY Mini Funnel Cakes

Grandma’s Zeppole. Similar to a funnel cake, and super delicious. These tasty bites are such a treat.

homemade pretzels

Home made funnel cake - even says how you can divide up the mixed dry ingredients and pull out individual serving size mix and fry up, so you don't HAVE to eat 4 funnel cakes all at once so the batter doesn't go bad! ;-)

EASY Funnel Cakes!

cake batter cookies, mmmmmm

mini funnel cakes.

Cake Batter Bark! MMMMMMMM!!!!!!

Cake batter cookies