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    • ✨ Dreamer ✨

      That's not just in the 90s 1st to 3rd we watched magic school bus then 4th to 5th we watched bill the science guy or whatever his name is XD

    • jeremy

      It's the truth for us born in the 90's! Gotta love school but I used to hate that annoying bill nye theme song! Bill bill bill bill bill nye the science guy! Please shoot me and get on with the film!

    • Courtney Lynn

      90's kids... Hey, we watched magic school bus and bill nye the science guy at school so technically...

    • Joana Buck

      lol but in science class we basically only watched bill nye the science guy and magic school bus... so....

    • Leanna Hammond

      The magic school bus should get way more credit than freaking bill Nye the science guy.

    • Megan Luna

      90's kids SO TRUE! Lol "bill nye the science guy, bill, bill, bill!"

    • Eloise Tanner

      May not be a 90 s kid but it still goes for 2000 s

    • Chris Welch

      Truth. I loved the magic school bus!!

    • Rachel Worthen

      oh its not just the 90s kids!!!:)

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    90's kid

    Oh so true

    Bill Nye the Science Guy *rooo, rooo*

    Simple Science.

    90's kid

    90's kids- blast from the past!

    My childhood. As seen in photos.

    90's kids

    only 90's kids

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    Okay, so, when i saw this pic i actually said it in his vocie (cuz im a 90s kid and Can do it) and then when i read the bottom I started Busting Out LAUGHING!!!!!!! totally kyle!

    True 90s kids will understand.

    i owned every single one of these

    Haha so true... This picture is deciving - forever 21 is neeeverrr this neat

    90's child

    The proper reaction to a man climbing in your window, hahaha

    Just yup.

    So true.

    Are you a 90s kid?