The Things you say with your first cup of coffee.....

I wish I could will people to shut up telepathically

Not a morning person and not an afternoon one, either.

So true! :-)

Yep it's true!!


Hahah so true, but for work

Err, true? Guilty as charged!

some days :)

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Happens to me all the time!=)

pretty much sums me up.

Oh I'm in a 'pissy mood'... Sorry that rainbows and gumdrops aren't flying out of my ass today! No unicorns and dragons here today!

Haha ha ha. I know a few people like this


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some people ...

If you want me to stop being so judgmental, you should stop doing so many stupid things that Im forced to acknowledge.

'Some days I'm all outgoing and happy and then the other days I'm just like "touch me and you die" ..... haha so true