@Beth J Greeno... made me think of you. xoxo sunshine. I don't like morning people... or mornings... or people.

Yep it's true!!

Ha! This totally happens.

I wish I could will people to shut up telepathically

So true! :-)

Hahah so true, but for work

Not a morning person and not an afternoon one, either.

Err, true? Guilty as charged!

some days :)


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Happens to me all the time!=)

yup, yup, yup

Hahaha! I don't understand why people think being shy is such a bad thing. They treat you like you have a problem or something. Some people need to learn to shut up!

This is so me!!!

My life. Every day.


Haha yep

I do believe that happened today!

3960 hahaha.. yep...