ballet ballet ballet. I can't wait until the day that i'm strong enough to do this.

i wish i was that flexible... #dance #move #exercise #art #photography #movement #love #beauty #inspiration #dancing

...or dance


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Ballet Photographer Vihao Pham | leap | jump | dance | dancer | ballerina | outdoors | outside | leotard | flexible | black white photography | fly | jump | floating through the air | perfection |

All my"" dancing life" I wanted to have the ability to do this ! ah R.A. & Fibro.-learned to just be happy to dance the way I can.

Ballet <3

Dusty Button, now at Boston Ballet



1) HISTOIRE DE LA DANSE CLASSIQUE: -Ses particularités.

Ballet meme

Ballet <3


i <3 ballet

just dance and it will relax you and turn everything around for you on your bad days


Dance I asked my friend if that looked easy for someone who has never danced. She said yes. I seriously was about to scream in her face.

Ballet - magestic movement brings silent reflection for the gazer and the ballerina ~it is emitted through the grace of the music and the fluid juxtaposing of body discipline,flexing and pirouetting through a story or a stage~somewhat like what women do each day when no one is looking. Applaude the ballerinas in your life..they are "en point " giviing more, than is often recognized. Ballet beauties !!