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    A Dog Catching Chicken Nugget...the longer you look the funnier it gets


    newly morphed cicada wing

    Pelagia noctiluca, (Águilas, Spain) by Alfonso Gonzalez: In Latin, Pelagia means "of the sea", nocti stands for night and luca means light and As its name implies P. noctiluca has the ability to bioluminesce. Light is given off in the form of flashes when the medusa is stimulated by turbulence created by a ship’s motion or by waves. This flashing is only of relatively short duration and gradually fades. #Jellyfish

    Japanese Umbrella Mushroom (Parasola plicatilis)

    The Gorse Shield Beetle

    Blue gills - lovely!

    Hand Knapped Agate Arrowhead

    .Orange Jelly Fish. The beauty of the sea brought to you by Tiki Toss. #animals #seaanimals #fungames #kidgames #backyardgames #ocean #beach #bbqgames #tikitoss #mellowmilitia

    spider webs

    Tiger Moth

    Undersea flowers ~ Montipora digitata aka Finger Coral.

    pollen on a miner bee

    Basket Stinkhorn

    A murmuration of starlings.