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Dior A funkier version of the Barbette

A really cool pic! It's the cuff that's for sell! Love it!! (He makes the masks, too.) Cuff Floral in black leather 53/4 wrist by TomBanwell on Etsy

Soooo wanted this for the Masquerade Ball this weekend.'s a bit steep and wouldn't be here in time :(

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Nüwa was a Serpent Goddess from ancient Chinese mythology. She was best known for creating mankind and repairing the wall of heaven. Sometimes she is pictured as a gorgeous woman, other times she is shown possessing a woman’s head but the body of a powerful snake. As well as being the Creator of humankind, she was a powerful benefactor to people and all living creatures (many of which were also her handiwork).

J-Chan Designs modeled by Miss Ulorin Vex!