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i love captain america...<3

one of my favorite Avengers moments ;) I love Captain America! The only keep calm sign that has made me laugh!

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Megan Logic: Watched Avengers for the first time last night. Immediately start pinning Avengers things. Yeah, I kinda loved that movie. a lot.<<That's funny

So me

Forget Prince Charming, I want Captain America (white) <------- I need this in my life

They nailed the casting…

They nailed the casting…

Marvel casting: too perfect to be true. Marvel grows it's own actors. It actually makes sense.

Headcanon Absolutely Accepted.

Why not! :D {what if he is the boy that Steve saved in the Captain America: The First Avenger movie.age might or might not be right but it's what i thought of when i read the post} <<< I WILL ADD THIS TO THAT HEADCANON

YES. Nothing pisses me off more than - when I say various MCU films are my favourite - than people going, "Oh, because of the hot guys, right?" Bite me.

The REAL reasons girls liked the Avengers <<<< thank you! I hate those charts that say that girls watch marvel for the hot dudes. Um no, I love love love Loki, but he's not the reason why I'm a fan. I'm a girl, and I like the action.

Thank you captain! WWJD

I really don't like all these "keep calm" sayings- BUT this is my favorite line in The Avengers and I have not seen it anywhere else! - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Daddy Thor. @Yves Paul Scherer Moore

Daddy Thor.

Funny pictures about So Chris Hemsworth has a baby daughter. Oh, and cool pics about So Chris Hemsworth has a baby daughter. Also, So Chris Hemsworth has a baby daughter.

Texts from Thor is becoming a thing, and it's fantastic! Steve was also very funny here. Way to put him in his place, Steve.


This must be why most of the other Avengers texts are between Thor and Iron Man. Captain America doesn't like caps lock. or some other things too.

Disney Sisters: Marvel Studios Announce: Phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Epic Marvel Studios Announcement: Phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe ~ Learn the Title and Date of EVERY Marvel Studios Movie between now and May no black widow movie >:(