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Nautical dog collar

Canine Styles Personalized Engraved Dog Collars

Tweed & Leather Dog Collar. How cute would Dante look in this?!

Stewie Designer Dog Leash - Adorable

This is a classically stylish dog leask made from the highest quality denim. It provides a casual look for both boys and girls. Made in NYC and available only at The Dog Bar.

Want. This sign! Lol

CALIFORNIA COLLAR CO - leather dog collars, leashes & accessories - LOCKETTE COLLAR - locking leather ID holder

Classy leashes, collars and harnesses from a business that seeks to raise awareness about pet adoption! Spendy but nice stuff.

Mini Pearls Dog Collar (For Future Teacup Pomeranian)

Coach Dog Collar

Fancy dog accessories, the plated collars and leashes are perfect - I know it's in the closet section but my dog needs to look good too

$22.95 This is the best collar. The ring is perfect for hooking to a leash or tie out. The nameplate is far superior to tags. We have a few others from including a wonderful 8 dollar one as well.

Recycled Dog Collar

How to Stop a Dog From Pulling On Leash

Dog Collars!

In our gallery you will find a collection of 10 ideas on how to make a really cool collar or leash for your dog.

The Found Animal company has been popping up more and more in different design stores. Found makes beautiful dog accessories with a unique nautical feel. All their products are handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY and will last you a life time. But not only are their products beautiful and forever lasting but they are also Eco-friendly! Each collar is constructed using reclaimed leather, navy marine-grade, UV-resistant rope and solid brass hardware. Good job Found!

Personalized / engraved ID dog collar. (Dog leash is available) These collars are made of unique embroidered style South American, Navajo, Tribal,

dog collar

dog collar