just kidding this just took the cake!





Hidden Stone Door to Secret Room THIS IS SICK i am so having something like this in my future house


Yes, please. I'll take it and the weather that comes with it. Thanks.

White Scandinavian interior to expand a little house... YES! A pull up bar as the only way to get up to the bed... NO! But I love the metal finish to the pull up.

slides in house

Ok, maybe not for outdoors in zone 5, but how cool is this underground wine cellar?!

I love secret doors and what kid wouldn't?? In our house there is a perfect spot for this...

House slide - tube slide from 1st floor to basement.

Hidden Doors, Secret Rooms, and the Hardware that makes it possible! - Fine Homebuilding

secret passage

Another indoor slide ... more industrial than what we want though credit: Turett Collaborative Architects [http://www.turettarch.com/projects/tca068]

Secret Hidden Passageways Will make up at least 50% of my house