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    My kind of world...Can I live here please?



    • Cadmus Kalare

      This is amazing! I see Narnia, Oz, Wonderland, Florin, Neverland, Middle Earth, Labyrinth, and Fantasia! Tons of my favorite places, all in one place! that the island from "Where the Wild Things Are" I see lurking in the back there? This is too cool!

    • Carolyn Klassen

      Fantasy world map- panem, Hogwarts, Narnia, middle earth, Camp Half-Blood... Wait where's Alagaesia?

    • Samantha Schumann

      The Fantasy World Map #fandomsunite The fandoms I recognize that are represented are... The Lord of the Rings- Mordor, The Hunger Games- Panem, Peter Pan- Never Neverland, Percy Jackson- Half-Blood Camp, Harry Potter- Hogwarts, Bridge to Terabithia- Terabithia, Alice in Wonderland- Wonderland, and Gulliver's Travels- Lilliput

    • Kaylee Sabo

      Fantasy map. I want to go to Camp Half-Blood, Narnia, Hogwarts, Middle Earth, Where the wild things Are, Terabithia, Neverland, Wonderland, Dreamland, Panem, and Land of the Lost!

    • Jennifer Stansbury

      The Fantasy World Map - idk, I think Avalon was real. There's another map that took out Krull, Oz, Avalon and Florin to add "Half-blood Camp" and "Panem". I can appreciate adding new worlds, but fit them in the empty spaces, like above Westeros. Don't just take them out!! Just because YOU'VE never been there. I'd rather go to Oz and Avalon than Half-blood camp or Panem. Sheesh.

    • Chloe Petrus

      Fantasy World Map. don't know where some of these places are, but the mains ones (ie. panem, middle earth, half blood camp, narnia) i do know

    • maria teresa giri

      Fantasy World Map. I imagine this being what the world will be like in several million years due to continental drift. Hopefully hyrule and middle earth will be there

    • Savannah Johnson

      The Fantasy World map; Fantasia, Dinotopia, Neverland, Narnia, Camelot, Wonderland, Oz, Terabithia, Middle Earth, Labyrinth, Whoville, Where the Wild things are... LOOOVE it :)

    • Elena Whatshername


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