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love the type and color #Graphic Design|

I Love Helvetica. This is my go to font! SIMPLE - CLEAN - CLASSY - MODERN it will always be my favorite font! However if we are talking serifs, my love is Garamond for sure! <3

I really like the experimental typography which stands out in this design. It is quirky and because of the different patterns it creates a lot of texture.

Great tritone color scheme, with a wonderful use of shapes and texture on the type, as well as the subject behind it. Very modern, yet vintage feel.

Things I Have Learned in 2013, white spread, type exploration, #layout #typography #design #graphicdesign



"The second type of designer can see these different inspirations as catalysts for thought and concept. When looking at a piece of art, they see the principles behind that, and work at finding out the essence of how that came about so that they too can use these same kind of principles to help inform the thought process behind the work they’re creating—not just visually informing the end design." -Inspiration vs Imitation

Breviario Magazine by Boris Vargas Vasquez

SCOPE I Bertrand Eveleigh Whestam Corporate Newsletter Student Work - Shillington School