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Phantom of the Opera

Things musical taught me. Phantom of the Opera: Sometimes you have to break down someone's walls and take off their mask to see who they truly are. True that!


Things Musicals Taught Me ~ The Phantom of the Opera . So sweet, and true!

"Phantom of the Opera"

Things Musicals Taught Me ~ The Phantom of the Opera **But he could be an incredibly good looking, if slightly deformed, master of the arts and sciences who loves you unconditionally.

Make that you should NOT follow him into his lair - The Phantom of the Opera

I was going to say "If a masked man appears in your dressing room mirror, don't take singing lessons from him." It may help you bust out of the chorus line and get a date with the rich patron but bad things will happen LOL phantom of the opera

I always wondered why Raoul didn't do anything. xD He was just so moved by Erik's part of the song, he just couldn't bring himself to interrupt Erik's singing.

Headcanon that AU Modern Day Raoul is secretly Erik's number one fan and he has posters and stuff on his walls that he talks to and he's a huge fanboy