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  • Hope Tackett

    werewolf | Werewolf/fox pics - Fantasy Pics

  • Kicia Walker

    5.) Sleeping under the full moon on a Friday night with the moon shining directly on your face. Again, this takes quite a bit of dedication

  • Judy Gail Herring

    Mates.....He is the purple wolf.

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Even a man who is pure of heart and says his prayers by night may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the moon is shining bright.

loup garou...French werewolf.... What makes them different from the common werewolf is that they don't change with the cycles of the moon and have complete change over their actions. So, what makes these creatures so dangerous and terrifying is the fact that while in their wolf form they are completely aware and as intelligent as they are in their human form.

This would make an interesting roleplay. Would anyone like to be the one of the wolves?

-€- ····{ ~-tunoa then that those who wore the strikkenn 6th;-;set of the ninadesjar were the FIRST of those to do so in lukka€s name- -} ~Werewolves |

Werewolf (the not the kind that fights with sparkly blood drinkers)

Celebrity Werewolves 4