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Exercises for the Stomach Apron

by Eric Benac
The stomach or mother’s apron is a fold of skin that forms after gaining too much belly fat. This fold of skin is an unsightly and embarrassing condition to suffer through, and is often the result of pregnancy. Getting rid of this flap of skin often requires surgery. However, tightening up your abs ...

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The key to reducing fat above the belly button is to strength train the entire abdominals and obliques targeting the upper abs and to do cardio to reduce excess fat. Variations of the crunch workout different parts of the abdominal muscles, but any toned muscle you build above the belly button will not be visible if you do not lose any layers of fat.

Strength training also helps women burn away abdominal fat. You'll stand tall, look more toned and give your self esteem the boost it needs!! Who doesn't think that sounds great!?

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Combine cardio with core work to reap the flat-belly benefits of both types of sweat sessions. This workout alternates between jumping rope and standing ab moves, so you can tone your belly while burning serious calories in just 20 minutes!