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Dr. Who cookie cutters! MUST HAVE!!!!

Wow Doctor Who Cookie cutters! Custom Doctor Who Cookie Cutters - Neatorama My sister would love these!


Who Tardis Blu-Ray BD DVD Case Collector's Edition Tin. I'd buy a Blu-Ray player just to have this.

Doctor Who Gallifreyan Coasters. For living room (or home theater if I have it) and confusing people I don't like.

Doctor Who Gallifreyan Coasters

Gallifreyan Coasters Rubbertoe Replicas, Doctor Who Replica Props

David Tennant!  I NEED THIS!!

The Tenth Doctor.Slim And A Little Bit Foxy.- Ten has always been my favorite. allons-y!

Doctor Who and Cinderella. I've seen this on Pinterest before. I didn't know the artist was Karen Hallion.

The Doctor = prince charming? Mixture of my loves, doctor who and fairytale princess

pumpkin dalek

what do you think about this pumpkin? This is going to be my pumpkin for Halloween this year. Any kid who sees it and says EXTERMINATE! will get triple the amount of candy.

What Doctor Who has taught me, AKA why Doctor Who really is the best show in the whole galaxy.

Some tv shows and movies can teach valuable life lessons people used to get through reading classic novels.

The Doctor and tea quote from "Doctor Who" on a mug! Easy to make, and it'd be awesome!

Doctor Who and Tea! Does it get any better than this? Doctor Who "Good cup of tea" Tenth Doctor Quote Mug with Sonic Screwdriver and TARDIS - Hand-painted, square white cup

River Song's timeline in order. - I'm pinning this for when I'm emotionally stable enough to watch it.

SPOILERS :'( River Song's Timeline - If you have any confusion about River's timeline this is the video to watch. Narrated by River herself. "We go way back, that man and me." It's so much more sad to see it from her angle.

Doctor Who Cookie Cutters Because Cookie Cutters are Cool |Foodbeast

Doctor Who Cookie Cutter set of 8 by WarpZone on Etsy. , via Etsy.

The best collection of Doctor Who Craft Ideas! Not only is there Doctor Who painted shoes, but jewelry, fez hats, embroidery, and more.

12 Doctor Who Craft Ideas

12 Doctor Who Craft Ideas - Comic Con Family I want to do the Apron, and the kids would love the pen like a sonic screw driver

Print-Out Weeping Angel Mask of the Day

Print-Out Weeping Angel Mask of the Day

Printable Weeping Angel Mask-I want to use this to scare the crap out of my bestest friend and roommate. don't hate me when this happens Kayla. Remember, you got me to start watching doctor who.

"The world would be a poorer place without Doctor Who." -- Steven Spielberg pretty much the truth. so glad I found this show last year.I feel like my life is better with it!