Mega list of first finger foods for baby/toddler. This and my "Wholesome Baby Food Guide" should help me survive!!

finger foods for babies starting to self-feed

Seven Simple Sandwich Ideas For Baby or toddlers

Foods that are good for your little person ;) and foods to be avoiding!

Finger food for babies

Finger Foods for Baby! Freezer Cooking. 3 Hrs = lots of food and saved time

100 Finger Foods for Infants. This list is awesome!

5 Simple Tips To Teach Your Toddler To Brush The Right Way: Mommies, don’t despair! You can easily step up this challenge without creating a battleground in your bathroom.

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Make own baby food

Tips for traveling with toddlers! A great list, and other awesome toddler tips and tricks from this momma!

baby food

Oh I love! This would have been perfect for Aaron! Maybe the kid after this one. Unfortunately the new one was locally grown in Nevada... haha

Use laundry basket as toddler seat in bath tub. Helps keep them from hitting head on hard tub, and keeps toys from floating out of reach. CANNOT believe I've never thought of this.