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I have made feather masks for people watching my presentation, a take on something a Victorian aristocrat may have when visiting a show.

An alligator snatched a 2-year-old boy Tuesday night in a lagoon at a Disney hotel near Orlando as his father desperately tried to save him.

Mackenzie Brown is an author based in Liverpool, UK. His works range from crime thrillers to fantasy fiction - click here to find out more.Expect plenty of posts containing literary quotes, pictures of books, the city of Liverpool and the...

I have been taking inspiration from paintings when developing my designs. This painting on particular inspires me as the colour work beautifully together. The blue and black are colours that I am going to use in my final look.

I have trailed the eye makeup from my final design and am happy with the outcome. For this I have used snazaroo face paints in three different colours to create a depth to the eyes.

I am inspired by this pose. It is so strong and bold and I would love to create something like this when I am in the studio after creating my final look.

I have named my character Harpy. The name Harpy comes from Ancient Greek mythology as Harpy is a female monster with a woman's head and a birds body.

This is my final design. I have created a feathery effect around the eyes taking inspiration from photographs of Ravens and the colours that can be seen in their feathers e.g. Blue and black. I have used cold tones across be whole look something that I have developed from previous designs. The contour is strong, a trait that is seen in many Tim Burton characters, as they often look gaunt and almost sickly.