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"Denny's Den" ANASAZI RUINS by Rick Schaefer: The Anasazi Pueblo People were an ancient culture of Native Americans. Known for impressive pueblo homes made of mud, stone, or carved into cliffs, these ruins can be found at many sites in the American Southwest.

Anasazi Ruins - Chaco Canyon, Mew Mexico

The Anasazi lived here nearly a thousand years- perhaps the longest occupied Anasazi site in the canyon.

The Anasazi ruins are so vast that most have never even been explore, and are filled with archeological treasures than have never been seen by modern man. And we still have no clue as to why they simply disapeared, leaving so much behind.

Anasazi Ruins | Mesa Verde, Colorado

Anasazi (ancient peoples) pueblos can be found in South Utah, New Mexico and Arizona.

hopi/ anasazi mesas -one of the many global beacons - inspiration for Transcending the Legacy: Book 4 in the Piercing the Fold series by Venessa Kimball

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House on Fire in Mule Canyon-West of Blanding, Utah.....never knew this was so close. Must go hike this and see for myself

The Cliff Palace indian ruin and cliff dwelling located in Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado in the USA. It's amazing to see how some native Americans lived hundreds, even thousands of years ago. Talk about a history lesson. If you love history and learning, visit the american southwest.