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Schnauzers are very intelligent, loving dogs. If I got a dog it might be one of these because the only downfall is the hair trimming needed so I'd have to think about that.

One of the cutest puppies I've seen in a long time. #dogs #pets

My mommy always thinks I need a bath and I don't understand why, I Don't Like Taking A Bath!! Rowdy looks just like this when he's bathing

Escher by Reuben Yau #Miniature #Schnauzer I think this is my most favorite breed.

I really want a miniature Schnauzer! To me they look like little old gentleman. I would name him either Harold, Winston, Laurence, Claude, Leopold, Theodore, Einstein....

This puppy is adorable! Just looking at the picture I feel like I know this pup! Is it because I am a Schnauzer mom?

:( I miss my boys, Riley & Chancer. Kinley still cries for them and begs for a new dog every week (just did today), heart breaking...Can't wait to get another Schnauzer or two...come on move, you can't get here fast enough.. (Valerie D.)