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I love

its always been the little things that make me smile

adorable <3

shit i love

sometimes the warm summer breezes before a storm are my favorite

Use in Place of: Garden fertilizer Lime What You Need: Fireplace ash What You Do: 1. Sprinkle your fireplace ash over your garden beds, and work into the soil. Note: Fireplace ash should not be used if your soil is alkaline, or be used around acid-loving plants. Why This Works: Fireplace ash is rich in potassium and calcium carbonate.

It honestly doesn't get any better! My husband, friends, & family make me the happiest woman in the world :)

Summer breeze makes me feel fine, goin' through the jasmine in my mind..

A gorgeous sunrise, a colorful sunset, a starry night, and everything in between

these two<3

:) To my hubby

I love listening to your life stories...

What your left brain and right brain are really up to . . . @Sharon Macdonald Oh Really


Strange things trigger the tears and then we cry over all the things we had kept inside of us.

Carrie Bradshaw



You truly changed my life, I still you see you as one of my best friend even though we had some petty fights, just know I will be by your side when the world turns its back on you, your a part of my heart.

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