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Beautiful white horse with a graceful neck bowed down and pretty face. Snow covered background makes horse look even more beautiful!

Mustang majestueux étalon noir amérindien Friesian par AmyLynBihrle

Majestic Black Stallion Native American Spirit Horse ArT- Giclee Print by Bihrle mm135

Amy Lyn Bihrle Majestic Mustang Black Stallion Native American Friesian Horse ArT Print by AmyLyn Bihrle


The 21 Best Horse Photos Of All Time

welcoming the newborn. so adorable!

so nurturing. look how excited they are about the baby. all of the females welcome the baby into the herd. so human. I once saw a nature program on TV where they filmed wild horses welcoming the new baby into the herd, just like in this photo.