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Sovereign claim: These are among nearly 600,000 coins recovered from a sunken Spanish galleon which are due to be returned to Spain today after a long legal fight

Gold coins recovered from the wreck of the Mary Rose, which sank in 1545. A single coin was roughly a day's wages for the vice admiral, or more than a month's pay for an ordinary seaman.

The most famous of all Spanish gold coins was the Spanish Doubloon. Minted by hand from 1651 to 1773 in the Americas, they were carried on Spanish galleons throughout the Caribbean and the world to trade for desirable commodities such as silks and spices. The coin featured the coat of arms of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella and weighed about 7 grams. Pirates who could intercept a galleon en route to its trading destination were highly likely to score some very valuable booty!

Some of the most common Roman coins, including the gold aureus, silver denarius and brass sestertius.

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A treasure of 51 Macedonian gold coins (and a necklace) hidden inside a cavity in the rock in Ancient Corinth. The coins of Philipp II come from Pella and Amphipolis in Macedonia, while those of Alexander III (the Great) from Amphipolis, from Miletus and Tarsus in Asia Minor, Salamis in Cyprus and Sidon in Phoenicia. The treasure trove was hidden sometime after 330 BC, when Alexander was in Asia and a Macedonian garrison had been stationed in Corinth to safeguard the Isthmus.

Buried treasure on the Island of Jersey- It contains 30,000 to 50,000 silver and gold Celtic coins dating from the 1st Century BC. The coins—which could have been buried to prevent Roman troops from getting them during Julius Caesar’s invasion of the British Islands—come from Armorica. They have been buried for more than 2,000 years.

Rare English Gold Sovereign of Queen Mary | Sovereigns are large, thin gold coins that feature imposing portraits of the respective monarch. The Mary I Gold Sovereign coin was issued under the authority of the first Queen Regnant of England, Mary Tudor (Mary I), daughter of Henry VIII. She was also the the grand-daughter of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain.

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1,000-Year-Old Coins Unearthed At Crusader Battleground

HERZLIYA, Israel, July 11- A 1,000-year-old hoard of gold coins has been unearthed at a famous Crusader battleground where Christian and Muslim forces once fought for control of the Holy Land, Israeli archaeologists said on Wednesday. The treasure was dug up from the ruins of a castle in Arsuf, a strategic stronghold during the religious conflict waged in the 12th and 13th centuries.

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Pair of metal detector friends discover three quarters of a TON of Iron Age coins worth £10m buried in a field in Jersey after searching for 30 years

Pair of metal detector friends discover thousands of silver and gold Iron Age coins from 50BC worth £ 10 million buried in a field in Jersey after searching for 30 years. Read the amazing story at


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ca. 360-340 BCE. Greek gold coin (stater) of Laurel-Wreathed Zeus. Lampsacus, Mysie (ancient Turkey). The Mysians were related to the Lydians.