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A traditional vegetable garden layout: Raised bed vegetable gardening Let’s look at some of the issues with raised beds in vegetable gardening. Why raised beds? I’m building raised beds throughout

Zarif ve görsel yazlık taş ev modelleri (1)

Zarif ve görsel yazlık taş ev modelleri (1)

raised bed garden seat

movable "seat" that could easily attach to the side of the raised bed. This “bed seat” will offer you more comfortable access to your raised beds, or simply let you enjoy what you’re growing.

This website tells me NOTHING. However, the idea behind this photo is pretty self-explanatory. I really like the trellis on the outer edge.

Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas , square foot gardening, long boxes around perimeter of garden. Not a fan of all the black plastic though.

small garden

[What a great yard. Privacy, abundance of plants, large gathering space, and even a hammock.] Circular seating area with fire + hammock

This is IT..what I envisioned my garden space looking like- the enclosure anyway :) it's like someone took a photo in my head! Course there will be TWO of these spaces.. Yes, this is IT

Garden vision-vegetables and flowers combined. Love the picket fence and archways.

Carrés de jardin en palettes

Una buena idea para el centro de la huerta - With the arrival of rains and falling temperatures autumn is a perfect opportunity to make new plantations

Ваза из старой автомобильной покрышки [   "DIY large flower planters and garden decorations made from old tires. What a creative way to recycle tires!",   "This is perfect for extra tires!",   "She cut and opened the tire and painted it.",   "Look at this what a cool imagination" ] #<br/> # #Old #Tire #Planters,<br/> # #Flower #Planters,<br/> # #Tires #Ideas,<br/> # #Recycle #Tires,<br/> # #Tire #Art,<br/> # #Her #Cut,<br/> # #Old #Tires,<br/> # #Ways #To #Recycle,<br/> # #Garden…

I'm impressed. I wouldn't plant food plants in an old tire but why not decorative flowers?

A 600 m2 organic rooftop garden, five floors above an old car auction – it sounds like a scene from New York, but it is totally Copenhagen. Here in Østerbro, the ØsterGro project, comprising 90 tonnes of soil spread over neat raised beds, is just one example of how urban gardens are turning Cop…

Oestergro, A Urban Farm Landscape Made In Denmark

A 600 organic rooftop garden, five floors above an old car auction – it sounds like a scene from New York, but it is totally Copenhagen.

MySecretGarden: Colonial Gardens. Part 4.2 Monticello Vegetable Garden - wide row planting

Looks like a dream garden. and butifull too MySecretGarden: Colonial Gardens. Part Monticello Vegetable Garden

Adding Blueberries to your Home Vegetable Garden

Tips for growing blueberries in your garden. How to plant, grow, care for and harvest blueberries in your backyard for best fresh blueberry results! Too bad Joanne hadn't seen this before the groundhog got her blueberry plants!