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Schnauzer puppy Link: https://www.sunfrog.com/search/?64708&search=schnauzer&cID=62&schTrmFilter=sales

When puppies are expected I'll announce on my site. As an extra bonus, it's a lot simpler to teach a Schnauzer puppy not to bite, in place of an older Schnauzer

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Top 5 Most Talkative Dog Breeds (Westie is the most talkative among all dog breeds). That face!

If a good laughter prolongs the life, this dog will live for ever!

this will make you smile on a bad day for sure :) The face of pure joy, can you tell me that dogs dont have a personality after seeing this. Too Cute! ---- Love Your Chihuahua? Visit our website now!

OH MY What a Sweet and Adorable White Mini Schnauzer

OH MY What a Sweet and Adorable White Mini Schnauzer. Looks like my sweet molly

See, . . . everyone . . . EVERYONE has something they can do to make the world a better place for us all.  You don't have to do everything; just do something that YOU love to make things better.

OMG, He Even Has His Own ID

we could learn a thing or two from animals: Therapy Dogs, Amazing Dogs, Reason Dogs, Companion Dog, Giant Schnauzer