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Bill L #2 / 6 Random number generator Quote: > Does anyone have a random number routine written in PostScript? > ---Larry Coffin Oh, you're gona get flamed on this one! 8{) How about the PostScript operator rand "returns a random integer in the range 0 to 2**31-1.....". Well, it says it's pseudo random, is that close enough? You can set the seed with srand, and a convenient, unpredictable seed can be the integer returned from usertime. Rainbow Colorful Animated…

Colleges and universities in Tuscany

This language is not of definitive symbols as expressed by the caucasoid/mankind/neanderthal but of patterns, shapes, synchronicities, chaos & order of the individual & the whole expressed by your Ancestors! ~inspir8ional

SACRED GEOMETRY OF SOUND AND VIBRATION-The study of sacred geometry was passed down over thousands of years from the ancient mystery schools. The most common geometries considered sacred are the Egyptian Flower of Life, the Hebrew Vesica Piscis and the Italian Borromean Rings (also known as the Holy Trinity). Of course, there are a great many more, such as the Kaballah, the Seed of Life, the Platonic Solids, the Fruit of Life, and so on.