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Done -- use a fake name at starbucks

Use a fake name at Starbucks- done' I said primrose then "I volunteer as tribute" when I was done and my friend did the hunger games salute

All ready danced in the rain and carved my name into a tree :) check and check

Have a best friend ✔ Be an aunt ✔ Recieve a red rose ✔have someone win me a stuffed animal ✔kiss in the rain ✔️

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Bucket List except the first one:/ haha cant even draw stick figures! However, I could inspire someone with music!

Yes please

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I had a cat named Mufasa, 2 dogs named Nala and Kiara. A bird named Iago and ferrets named Abu, Aladdin, and Scar. Oh and a 3 fish named Bambi, Thumper, and well not disney but Scary Spice. :)

Own pets named after Disney characters. I had a dog growing up named after Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

Before I Die, I Want To.....

Check off list! I have a small tattoo on my left hip that my mom designed. It always reminds me of her ♡ Get a small tattoo that means a lot