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    Ancient Egyptian winged sacred scarab, 1323 BC, discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamun

    Falcon Ornament from King Tut's Tomb

    from Tutankhamun's tomb.

    Ancient Egyptian Jewellery. | Egyptian style△ Via Afrikraaft #gold#golden#turquoise ✿⊱╮


    Ancient Egyptian scarab ring.

    Osiris Pectoral Necklace of Tutankhamun

    Tutankhamun treasure (1323 bC) #egyptomania

    King Tutankhamun Tomb necklace |

    Chair from Tutankhamun's tomb | Egyptian Museum, Cairo

    Tomb of Tutankhamun

    wolfhalen: To the Ancient Egyptians, Scarabaeus sacer was a symbol of Khepri, the early morning manifestation of the sun god Ra, from an an...

    Ancient Egyptian/w/ Libyan desert glass scarab

    King Tutankhamun's Tomb and Treasures

    Tutankhamun's Ankh Mirror

    There is little known about Ankhesenamun (meaning “She lives through Amun” or “Living through Amun”). She was initially known through her birth name of Ankhesenpaaten (meaning “She lives through the Aten” or “Living through the Aten”) in her earlier years of life. Written, throughout history, are variations of her name as this was altered during her marriage to Tutankhamun. She was approximately thirteen years old when she married Tutankhamun who was most likely her half-brother.

    Swivel ring with wedjat amulet-gold and lapis lazuli-21th dynasty-reign of Psusennes I cairo egyptian museum-swivel ring with wedjat amulet-JE85824B


    Egyptian ring from the tomb of King Tutankhamen

    Anglo-Saxon disk brooch, ca.early 600s. Probably made in Faversham, it was found at Teynam. Gold, cells inset with garnets and glass, border inlaid with niello