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Lightning storm over a dirt road. #unpaved #road #passage #path #field #country #countryside #red #green #color #flowers #grass

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Take My Hand Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Phil Koch

✯ Storms roll over the landscape of Wisconsin

Natures fury. Berlin, Wisconsin on April 3, 1952 I met my first tornado and it killed eleven people in our little community including a classmate and his mother. A lifelong fear of storms was planted that day. K.W.

An unreal natural color combination! "The Fireball" by Marc Adamus was taken in Alvord Desert, Oregon.

Cirrus Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds occur on the rarest of occasions and as a result they have yet to be widely photographed. They’re caused by shearing winds up at cloud level which move at varying speeds. When higher winds howl faster than the lower winds this causes the trough of the clouds to bend, pushing them over into a distance wave-like formations. These distinctive clouds only stick around for a few short minutes before vanishing.