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I think you "Jetta" check this out. Say it loud. Say it proud. "My Pit Bull Is Family"!

I think you "Jetta" check this out. Say it loud. "My Pit Bull Is Family"!

Pitt bull eats Michael Vick's face off.  Humans and Pitts everywhere rejoice!

Michael Vick Chew Toy - It's despicable the Philadelphia Eagles hired dog abuser Michael Vick as a quarterback. I'm getting this Michael Vick chew dog for our golden doodle, Farkas. Farkas, bite off Vick's head. That's a good boy!

Red, the paralyzed Pit bull, finds a loving "forever home" - beautiful story   Look at those smiles!

Brian Cicio, the Chicago police officer who found Red shot, visits the pit bull Sunday for a going-away party at PAWS in Chicago. A family near Rockford adopted the paralyzed dog.

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This is how our pit bull, Roxanne was when I was growing up! Dad couldnt spank us around her! Lol i-love-support-pit-bulls-raise-em-right-guys

pitbulls and parolees

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The Dog Whisperer appeared at Barnes and Nobel w/  Daddy

Daddy, the big, gorgeous teddy bear of a pit bull who hangs out with Cesar Milan. Daddy is so relaxed and well-behavied that Cesar brings him along when he works with high-strung dogs to serve as a calming influence. A true ambassador for his breed.

Typical pittys :) little lovies

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"We is sooper-scary pibbles! We is going to eat you! Yeah, eat you! So aggressive. Police and military use aggressive dogs like.wait they don't use pitbulls because that breed doesn't work!

Hold up, you mean to tell me that according to all the "experts" I was supposed to bite your face off instead of licking it?! But why??

"It is true that Pit Bulls grab and hold on. But what they most often grab and refuse to let go of is your heart, not your arm." Dont let a label tell you who or what to love. Give a pitt a chance.you may be suprised Makes me love my baby every day :)