Bike Month Posters

Illustrator Tim Doyle was asked to participate in this year Poster Cabaret’s annual Bike Print show. And the outcome is a street view illustration of some place in Vietnam with.

Deep thinkers victo ngai

Ilustradores contemporáneos (siguen vivos!)

victongai: “ Deep Thinkers Victo Ngai Cover for the latest ComputerWorld. The story titled “Deep Thinkers" is about businesses reaping huge rewards by going deep with their data analysis.

Bike Art Print - by Allan Peters $20

Bike Portrait 2 Art Print

Sweet Serigraphy 2 - Bike Portrait 2 Art Print I really like the saturation of color used, a limited palette with black allows the paper to breath and take a part in the piece as well

Blade Runner - ''Tears in the Rain'' - Tim Doyle

Blade Runner movie art poster print edition like Tears in the Rain Tim Doyle

Crowded Car on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Crowded Car Illustration from "Count the People" puzzle, Humpty Dumpty magazine, September Illustrator unknown but possibly Dave sport cars cars vs lamborghini sports cars cars

Travel Postcards & Posters by Ranganath Krishnamani

Travel Postcards & Posters A series of artworks that represent the glory and spirit of India. Each artwork tells a story and captures the last impression of the indian heritage.

I spend days on bridges to take images of roaming vendors

When travelling around Vietnam, photographer Loes Heerink became fascinated by the intricate and vibrant arrangements on street vendor’s bikes. So she began climbing up high (usually bridges) to …