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20 Of The Best Mean Girls Memes On The Internet

I really love the twilight books. They are super steamy. I'm on team Jacob because I can really connect with him. He is perfect, hot, and sweet and Bella is totally in love with him, but she just doesn't realize it until later. Well, she never gets with Jacob, but if Stephanie made another Twilight book, she would get with Jacob. They're meant to be together. I also love how Jacob is so mean to Edward. Ed needs to back away from Bella and be decapitated.


It’s a public service…

It just wouldn't be fair..


Not acceptable

Interview with the Vampire - now THIS is what a good vampire movie should look like...not that Twilight crap!! ;)

I believe that not all books have to be rated on the characters viability as a role model. Some books are just fanciful tales for enjoyment. But as a geeky fangirl. . . this realization ruins Twilight for me and I will never read it again.