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    Arabic manuscript ca. 13th century.

    • Shahla H

      An Arabic Manuscript ca. the 13th century. The earliest scientific manuscripts originated in the Abbasid Era.

    • Charles Griffin

      House of Wisdom - The earliest scientific manuscripts originated in the Abbasid Era. In the Abbasid Empire, many foreign works were translated into Arabic from Greek, Chinese, Sanskrit, Persian and Syriac. The Translation Movement gained great momentum during the reign of caliph al-Rashid, who, like his predecessor, was personally interested in scholarship and poetry.

    • Ben Karlin

      The original manuscript of The Thousand and One Nights [Ed: I don't know if this is true, it is probably coffee but at least no one has dog-eared pages to keep their place, and it is such an amazing form for storytelling. Deaf storytelling often uses this general format that follows the cycle of time across passing days. If you never tried tried, read it. If you don't finish, don't worry.It can still change how you think about the power of stories.]

    • Kay

      Original manuscript page from A Thousand and One Nights. Wow! Beautiful!!!

    • Masoom Sawaira

      An Arabic manuscript written under the second half of the Abbasid Era.

    • Grace de Winter

      A manuscript of the One Thousand and One Nights, ~words on a page~

    • NKSA-Mediothek

      The original manuscript of The Thousand and One Nights.

    • Savanna Dance

      Manuscript 1001 Arabian Nights

    • Nora Boyle

      very old book

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    Leaf from a Beatus Manuscript, the First Angel Sounds the Trumpet, c 1180. "Illustrated Beatus manuscripts bring to life an extraordinary vision of the end of the world, as recorded by Saint John in the Apocalypse (Book of Revelation) and filtered through the lens of Beatus of Liébana, an eighth-century Asturian monk. These manuscripts are unique to medieval Spain and a testament to the pervasive artistry and intellectual milieu of monastic culture there."

    Other Arabian Nights

    Scheherazadè from The Arabian Nights by Edmund Dulac (1181 – 1953)

    A Procession of Cats. Bodleian Library, Oxford, mid-13th century manuscript.

    Armenian Manuscript....oh yes please! would like to make this happen :)

    RARE. Gorgeous Asian Arabian Nights . Vintage Fairy Tale Illustration. Digital Download. Vintage Digital Arabian Nights Print on Etsy, £1.23

    Rare books, Evangelical library, Slovakia.

    A page from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, illustrated by René Bull. The source (Tumblr) believed that this was published around 1913. If so, it's probably Edward FitzGerald's "translation"/poetic reinterpretation.

    Arabian Nights. Beautiful old binding.

    Antique book with roses