How to Make Pasta Sauce: Rachael Ray's five basic pasta sauces. *this is handy*

5 ways to make pasta salad


Easy dip recipes

FOOD DIPS Alfredo Dip - This recipe definitely measures up with Olive Garden's Alfredo sauce that I'm crazy about.

Basil Butter Garlic Bread...use homemade bread, skip salt & parmesan

Easy Chicken Gyros Recipe

Cheese sauce - if you love "cheese" sauce, but love actual cheese, then you have to try this recipe. The trick is using evaporated milk; you get the same consistency, but without all of the weird chemicals in "pasteurized cheese product."

That's a handy little chart.

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Copycat Chick-fil-A Sauce Recipe- "The recipe attached is close but I found that adding a tiny wini bit of horse radish and a bit more sweet baby rays bbq sauce makes it spot on."

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homemade flour tortillas

Coney Island Hot Dog sauce

Neely's BBQ Sauce Recipe : Food Network -

Lemon angel hair pasta with chicken and spinach. This looks delicious and easy!