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THE ODALISQUE ring by Keith Lo Bue Porcelain teacup handle from beach, starfish, copper, paint, indigo-dyed thread. #jewellery

amazing ring...ring base is from a porcelein teacup handle washed up on a beach

Keith Lo Bue triad ring 2001 Sterling silver, oxidized; fabricated

Found Objects, Imagination

THE EYE AND ITS USE. 1996 Carved 19th-century painted wood, hand forged nails, brass, copper, winding key, dichroic glass, metal filings, beads, old letter, glass, lens, wood, steel engravings, leather, paper, text, soil.

Neckpiece: untitled 2000 Scissors, corkscrew, shoe tap, drafting tool screw, victorian leather button-hole and button, linen thread, book cover, engravings, mica, glass beads, steel wire, leather, paper, text, soil.

DREAM-TIME. 1997/2004 Dividers, poker chip, porcupine quills, opals, wooden screen-door part, steel-point engravings, ledger paper, 17th-century kozo paper, leather, paper, text.

Neckpiece: RETROSPECTION. 2007 Pendant: 5" x 4.5" x 1.5" (13 x 11 x 3cm) Cord/Chain: 38" (95cm) Steel animal leg trap, medieval spur, Victorian spoon and fork, porcupine quills, Roman horse boss, dichroic marble, copper, Victorian keys and brass door latch, bronze artifacts, steel wire, brass, chandelier crystal, steel-point engravings, leather, soil.

Keith Lo Bue - Mesmerism 2008 - Victorian spoon and forks, brass, bronze artifact, raw opal, waxed linen thread, steel wire, leather, soil.

Art Propelled: AMULETS, TALISMANS AND CHARMS by Robyn Gordon

Keith Lo Bue Neckpiece: HOW MOLECULES ARE MEASURED. 2002 Canning jar holder/opener, dental mold, spirit level, fork handle, ship hardware, window-numbering tack, lens, engravings, dresser plate, paua shell, eucalyptus acorn shell, 17th-century korean paper, iron wire, leather, paper, text, soil.