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Gorgeous photos. The light sun streams through the ceiling, reflects off the book and into his face. NOTE: buy a fog machine. young monk ... | photo: thomas boehm

Photography my hobby. Some say that today Photography is a redundant skill due to the advance of technology, however not anyone can get the fine detail on a photograph that only a true photographer can achieve. It makes me feel free when I go out into the open world and take pictures. I love photography and its part of my life.

grace and beauty amidst poverty

queennubian: youngblackandvegan: nadinehimmer: negritaschronicles: the face. those eyes ! them cheeks! ::mellllllllllllllllts:: It is not time for this dammit! I am not ret for no kids!

Canon Photographer (I don't care for the "keep calm" posters, but this is pretty good.

Happy polar bear by Tilly Meijer

#ridecolorfully - who cares where the light at the end of the tunnel is!? via cupofjoe - photo of green tunnel, castle garden, UK

Young Photographer. Adorable ♥ :)

Dejándonos llevar hacia algún lado disfrutando del camino, del paisaje, de lo sencillo, un viaje hacia el interior desde el exterior, sólo... Photo by Aksana Zinchanka